Total Spanish School Medellin

FulL Immersion

As part of your learning experience we offer students the opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy all things Medellín. This not only enhances your time in the area but helps you immerse in the city and culture so you can learn and have fun at the same time.

welcome lunch

Spanish School Lunch

Every Monday we invite our students to a set menu lunch close to the school so that they can meet other new students, learn more about the staff and teachers and of course put into practice their listening and speaking skills.

Comuna 13 Graffiti tour


Go ahead and check out this amazing barrio experience that will take you through te graffiti walls of one of the most representative communities in Colombia. Comuna 13 shows the friendly face of the Paisa and the expressions of young local artists who have been witness to the amazing changes this community has undergone.

coffee Tasting

Coffee Tasting Experience

We will take you to a local coffee specialist where you will get to learn, enjoy and taste your way through various delicious types of coffee from all over Colombia. If you love coffee this is not to be missed.

city centre walking tour

Medellin Walking Tour

We take you on a walking tour of Medellin city centre (El Centro) where you will learn about the history and growth of Colombia's second city. You will visit parks, historic buildings and of course see the work of Botero, one of Colombia’s most famous artists.

Guatapé day trip

Guatape Tour with Total Spanish

This full day tour just east of Medellín takes you through the coziest and most representative villages in Antioquia such as Marinilla, Peñol and the Piedra Peñol. Walking tour of Guatapé, memory lane, zocálos, museum, boardwalk, central plaza. Boat Cruise on Guatapé Reservoir. Guatapé is a stunning location and one not to be missed during your time here.

fruit market tour

Fruit Market with Total Spanish School

This tour is meant for those whom want to enjoy the wide variety of fruits and vegetables and other traditional ingredients that the Paisa culture has to offer. This tour is perfect for those who wish to get a closer interaction with local customs, tradition and habits.