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$560,000 COP
Per Week

10% Discount for 3 weeks or more

($500,000 COP Per Week)

  • Social

  • Excellent Value

  • Structured

  • Mon - Fri 9AM to 1PM

    20 Hours per week


$560,000 COP
Per Week

10% Discount for 3 weeks or more

($500,000 COP Per Week)

  • Personal

  • Customisable

  • Focused

  • Flexible Times

    10 Hours per week


$730,000 COP
Per Week

10% Discount for 3 weeks or more

($650,000 COP Per Week)

  • Social

  • Accelerated

  • Combined

  • Group Classes

    + 2 Private Classes


$900,000 COP
Per Week

Discounts do not apply for DELE

($900,000 COP Per Week)

  • Exam Focused

  • Social

  • Structured

  • Group Class

    + 5 Private Classes

lesson details

intensive group classes

Our intensive Spanish courses are designed to improve your overall Spanish skills and students will learn Spanish in small group lessons alongside peers who are at the same level. The classes are led by a qualified professional native teachers and the group environment allows for fun interactive classes where students will actively learn and practice speaking Spanish through the group activities. The intensive group classes consist of 20 hours per week. Classes run Monday to Friday 9:00am until 1pm.

privATE classes

These private one to one lessons are designed to meet a person’s specific needs and to develop language skills with confidence at an individual pace. Students are able to customize both the intensity and the schedule of the course and each lesson is tailored to their specific needs. Class schedules are flexible but normally take place in the afternoon. 
Private classes consist of 10 hours per week.


The Intensive Combined course is designed for people who want accelerated learning or for those who have specific needs that would like to cover in addition to the intensive group classes. 

Students take the Intensive Group classes combined with an additional 4 hours of private classes per week which are designed to reinforce topics or to learn specific parts of the language as desired by the student. Should students desire we customise this course to increase the number of private lessons.


DELE stands for Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or "Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma". This package is designed for students with a specific desire to prepare for the Spanish language DELE examinations. Students take the Intensive Group classes followed by a 10 hours of private specialist classes designed specifically for the examination.  Our program includes all DELE preparation materials and mock evaluations to give excellent all round preparation for the exam.

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We teach according to well-designed industry standard guidelines so that students are not rushed through topics without learning. At the same time we do not stretch out the courses to make students stay longer. Cheaper prices in Medellín mean that we are able to offer very competitive prices compared to other locations making our school the perfect location to learn Spanish in Colombia.

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